Monday, April 18, 2011

Ottawa Citizen’s Election profile misidentifies Liberal Candidate Ryan Keon

Ryan Keon, the Liberal candidate for the riding of Nepean/Carleton, is having a hard time getting recognized. He’s already had the photo on his election signs defaced with target symbols and other offensive comments.

The Ottawa Citizen’s recent profile of Keon doesn’t help – they’ve got the wrong guy in the picture.

Here is Ryan Keon:

The man in the Citizen’s photo is Robert Henderson, and comes from this article about the defaced signs.

Correction, please?

Update: No correction offered, but they just changed the photo. Here are links for cached versions.,+he+says,+families.+Ryan,+42,+and+his+wife+Cindy+have+two+children.+Read+,+he+says,+families.+Ryan,+42,+and+his+wife+Cindy+have+two+children.+Read+

Don’t know if the erroneous photo ran in the print edition, or if they’ll correct it there.

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