Saturday, September 6, 2014

Margaret Wente: It’s great to be old and recycle old columns about aging

In the case of Ms. Wente (as many Globe and Mail readers know) any online comment, if deemed remotely critical, can be censored – even if it’s factual and completely inoffensive, or say – just two bits of side-by-side text.

Today:  My boss has a book on her desk called Managing the Older Employee, which means me, I guess.  I suspect it’s full of tips for how to motivate me and get me to use my cellphone.”

Wente in 2009:  “my boss thinks I should have one, or at the very least a BlackBerry. She doesn't know how I get along without it. She is 16 years younger than I am and she has a book on her desk called Managing the Older Employee”.

Indeed, it’s great to be old if you’re Margaret Wente.  Despite legions of unemployed, hard working journalists out there (young and old), you know that plagiarism, invented protesters, other examples of recycling (too busy to link – just browse) don’t matter. 

As she says, “I don’t have to worry about my next promotion, where my career is going, how many people are smarter and more talented than I am”.