Friday, April 26, 2013

The Globe’s Correction about Infection

The Globe and Mail’s André Picard has had to climb down from his claim that singer Rita MacNeil died from an infection contracted in hospital. 

“As strong as Ms. MacNeil was, she couldn’t survive routine, minor surgery in a Canadian hospital. That realization should give us all a sickening feeling in the pit of our stomachs,” he had written. 

“As strong as MacNeil was?”  The wonderful Cape Breton winger was strong in spirit, no doubt.  But a bit of an odd statement, given that Picard would be aware of the health problems related to obesity and has even previously suggested  “intervention” for children who are “sickeningly over-nourished and suffering from the life-threatening health problems that are caused by extreme obesity”.

Here are the appended notes at the top and bottom of the column:

Correction: Rita MacNeil was admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery. Among other things, she suffered an infection before her death. She did not acquire the infection in the hospital, according to senior medical officials of the Cape Breton District Health Authority. A Friday news column incorrectly said she contracted an infection in hospital after surgery.
ADDENDUM: An earlier version of this column stated cited singer Rita MacNeil as an example of the many Canadians who die from hospital-acquired infections. That was incorrect. Her death was not caused by a hospital-acquired infection.

Update:  To his credit, Picard quickly tweeted the correction.  Kudos for that.

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