Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chris Spence

A fulsome apology for this.

Update:  ...but as so often happens, there’s more.  


  1. The Globe and Mail should be offering him a position as a columnist shortly.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi I removed my last comment because I don't think I am doing this correctly and I somehow messed up the paragraphing. What appears below is what I originally wrote albeit rearranged a bit:

    Chris, I am new at this but I have been following Margaret Wente and the Globe's tripe for some time. I have been removed twice today for criticizing "herself" and her comments on Global warming.

    I don't think I did anything wrong, but feel a bit slighted by being dumped into the same bin as the racists, reactionairies and sexists - except they don't get dumped - so I am sharing here. I hope this is the appropriate place as I am not too familiar with how to post to blogs

    I did not keep the first posting that was removed but the second deleted posting appears below:

    In a comment defending global warming science, I made mention that Wente plagiarized. My comment was removed as offensive. Apologies, I did not know that pointing out such a transgression could be regarded as offensive. Wente did not plagiarize, not at least according to the judges of academic honesty and journalistic integrity who removed my remark.

    From the

    After Globe & Mail resident plagiarist Margaret Wente returned to work this week following a brief hiatus to lick her wounds after plagiarism allegations from blogger Media Culpa went viral, the National Post waded into the fray yet again, this time via Jonathan Kay. Kay provides a superb and scathing review of the aftermath of the plagiarism affair, calling Wente guilty of a "delusional stupor" and dismissing the bizarre management response — first denial, then a "secret" and unspecified punishment — as "creepy and Soviet."

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