Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another Margaret Wente error…

…to add to the last column (and the growing list).

In yet another article on the 'death of men, Wente writes:  

“Male” jobs disappeared and, when men couldn’t find other “male” jobs, they gave up. Millions of men also went on disability, which has become a runaway welfare program for the American middle and working class. (In some months recently, more U.S. men have gone on disability than found work.) And the decline of men has closely tracked the rise of women.

Fox NewsMore Americans went on disability than found jobs over the last three months, according to fresh figures crunched by the Senate Budget Committee. 

Despite the Republican ‘war on women’, last time we looked “Americans” meant both genders.  
In fact, if Wente had wanted to contribute something original to the countless other articles on this topic (or the long Rosin interview in last Saturday's Globe), she might have wondered if the that 'war on women' has anything to do with the gender job situation.  But that would have required some thought.  

In the meantime, perhaps The Globe could do their part to address the situation by hiring a young male editor for Margaret.

Correction please.

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